John Chaffee

MDiv, ThM

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Ever heard of a Pastoral Theologian?

Pastors help people in their faith journeys while theologians are people that think deeply about God.

I am something between those two and with just enough desire to stir the pot to make it all interesting.

You and your journey are what are most interesting to me, and I thoroughly enjoy mining the best of the best to help respond to the faith and life questions you are looking to live into.

What's My Background?
  • BA in Biblical Studies from Eastern University
  • MDiv from Palmer Theological Seminary
  • ThM from Princeton Theological Seminary
  • 20 Years Experience in Paid Ministry
  • Currently Teach Christian Spirituality at the University Level
  • Been Through Burnout and "Deconstruction" Myself, and Survived!

So What Do I Do?
  • Write Things (Blogs, Articles, Books)
  • Record Podcasts (Check Out My Podcast, "Begin Again")
  • Speak at Churches, Retreats and with Small Groups
  • Host In-Person Events/Seminars
  • Create Online Resources for People that Still Want to Learn About Jesus in a Post-Conventional Way
  • Meet Up with People Going Through Their Own Burnout, Deconstruction, Dark Night of the Soul
  • Reaching Way Back Into the Jesus Tradition to Say Something New Today